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What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know

The articles in this section provide a basic rundown of skills and technology critical in the accounting field. With subjects ranging from communications to staffing, the answers to your most important questions start right here.

  • Communications & Technology
    Spend a few hours browsing an electronics store, and you soon realize that the world has moved far beyond the vision of Alexander Graham Bell's communications network. Learn more about how modern technology can build your business.
  • Sales and Marketing
    With increasing economic health comes an onslaught of new and expanding businesses. Refer to this article for marketing strategies designed to keep your competition at bay.
  • Customer Service
    In today’s global economy, businesses seem to focus more on the bottom line than they do on customer service. But when it comes time to crunch the numbers, the way a business treats its clients and patrons greatly affects its profit margin.
  • Staffing & Employment
    The most successful accounting firms rely on superior employees and strong employment policies. Read here for ways to develop a great staff, as well as workplace rules that are both legal and positive.
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable
    Talk about irony. Professional accountants don't always know how to keep their own billing and receivable cycles steady and fluid. This article offers practical advice on how to invoice, collect and maintain cash flow efficiently and effectively.
  • Vendor Relations
    With today's accounting services extending well beyond the traditional role of tax preparation, software and equipment suppliers realize how important good vendor relationships can be.
  • Purchasing
    Most experts agree that price should be at the bottom of the priority list when buying equipment that could determine the success of a practice. In fact, accountants should keep in mind several additional factors before pulling out the wallet.
  • Insurance
    Before an accounting practice opens its doors, an owner must make sure policies covering corporate assets, as well as employee and customer wellbeing, are in place. This article reviews basic insurance types critical to new and established businesses.
  • Social Media Best Practices & Applications

    Any businessperson seeking clients should utilize the best tools for marketing and communications at their disposal, and CPAs are no different. Social media tools provide a range of options for enhancing a professional brand, establishing one's expertise in their field and increase visibility to potential clients.

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