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Looking Ahead: Issues and Challenges

Looking Ahead: Issues and Challenges

Half-full or half-empty?

The results of a recent survey show that a majority of U.S. small-business owners see the proverbial glass as “half -full” when it comes to the future success of their companies. Even with the Great Recession behind them, though, smaller firms will continue to face a host of issues and challenges in years ahead, forcing them to adjust their business models.

In fact, some experts suggest the factors most likely to affect firms of 100 employees or less are: emerging business technologies; new healthcare laws and regulations; revised tax codes; greater competition; staffing; and cybersecurity. To help you stay informed and ahead of the game, here’s some information on financial, regulatory and management issues that may impact the small business community over the next decade:

The best way to keep hackers out of your system is to take a few proactive measures. The SBA has developed a training tool to help small business-owners define cybersecurity; implement best practices; decide what data needs protection; identify potential threats; and create a risk management protocol.

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