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These days, online services are use for a variety of personal and business purposes, but having this connectedness comes at a cost: decreased security.

There are many steps you can take towards protecting your business from online threats:

  • Keep internet browsers up to date. Software updates frequently include security fixes, so the longer you take to update software, the longer your business is vulnerable to known threats. Enabling automatic updates can make this process simpler.
  • Use anti-virus / anti-spyware software. You may think of viruses as just nuisances. They can do things like slow down your computer or create pop- up windows, but they can do much more insidious things as well, like grabbing passwords. That's why running anti-virus software is so important.
  • If you're accessing the internet on a public network, take extra care. Make sure your firewall is running. Make sure your e-mail program is using a secure connection. Visit secure sites (with https / a padlock icon) when possible.
  • Download cautiously. A file may not be what it seems, so only download files from trusted sources and with known file types.
  • Those security questions you have to answer? Use fake information. Information like your mother's maiden name is relatively easy to find out, so rather than using the real thing and risking someone resetting your password, choose a fake answer instead.
  • Take passwords seriously. You keep important things like bank information or credit card numbers in accounts with passwords. So follow all of those things you hear: choose a mix of letters and special characters, resist making it easy to guess, and don't use the same thing for every online service.

By following these steps you and your associates can give your business the upper hand against would-be thieves.

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