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Once your business has reached a good size and is consistently making money, your focus may start to turn toward smoothing operations and ensuring the continued success of your business. At some point, you may also start to think about how your business will live on after you. The articles below discuss considerations for optimizing the performance of your business as well as planning for succession and your own retirement.

Managing Inventory

Managing Inventory: Lower Operating Costs "Just In Time"

Use this primer to effectively minimize inventory cost and maximize customer satisfaction.

tax tips

Small business tax tips

Running a business is hard enough without the complexity of filing taxes. Check out these 9 best practices to help you.

Productivity in the Workplace

5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity in the Workplace

Here are some ways you can increase your employees' productivity.

Employee Retention.

Employee Retention and Motivation

True motivation is the basis for retention. Here are some tips for inspiring your staff.

Raising Business Capital

Raising Business Capital With An ESOP: Give The Staff A Stake

This article illustrates how your employees can help you raise capital and help your business flourish.

Loss Control and Risk Management

Loss Control and Risk Management for Small Business

Risk management helps you understand what can go wrong in your business and how you should respond.

Safeguarding Your Computers and Network

Safeguarding Your Computers and Network

Computers are critical to the functioning of many small businesses. Learn how to use them safely.

What Your Business is Worth

Know What Your Business is Worth

Knowing what your business is worth gives you a good benchmark, and it can help with succession planning.

Transfer of Ownership

The Transfer of Ownership: What are Your Options?

This article address key components of ownership transfer, such as a definitive succession plan.

Keeping it in the Family

Keeping it in the Family

Passing along a family business can be tricky. Refer to this article for tips on strategic family business succession planning.

Planning to Sell Your Business?

Planning to Sell Your Business? 10 Things You Need to Know

From making the decision to sell your business to wrapping up the transaction, this guide can help.

Life Insurance Income Replacement

Life Insurance Income Replacement

As a consumer, you protect your home, car, and other assets - be sure to protect your income as well.

Plan for Retirement

Business Owners Need a Serious Plan for Retirement

Plan for your golden years with strategies like the ones outlined in this article.

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy for Business Owners

You need a solid plan to retire well. Read here for useful guidelines on subjects like asset allocation.

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