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Face to Face: Keep Customers Satisfied

Face to Face: Keep Customers Satisfied

The impact of the personal relationships you nurture with customers will – over time – command loyalty even when competing online products and services are cheaper and only a keystroke away. To this end, use specific connection-building techniques when engineering a sale.

The five basic stages of direct selling, listed here, have been widely implemented since their emergence in the 1950s. Take note: they pretty much ride on paying clear attention to customer feedback.

Every potential sale will go through some form of the above stages. Nevertheless, experts argue that what is important is the way in which the salesperson leads the prospect to action, not just that the salesperson is able to close the deal.

Build Better Relationships

Since attracting a new customer is costlier than keeping an existing one, maintaining a good customer relationship can save both money and time. Here are some pointers:

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